HERS Institute Application

“The HERS Institute is a leadership development program for women in higher education. [It] is a transformational, leadership development program for women in higher education, founded to fill leadership pipelines across the United States with dynamic women, each capable of ushering their respective institutions into a more inclusive and equitable future.” – HERS Network

Applications for employees to receive sponsorship to attend the HERS Institute are reviewed by the PCSW, who recommends finalists to the University President. The President then makes the final selection of the representative to be sponsored to attend a HERS Institute of their choice. Upon selection, the recipient will be provided with additional information to register for the Institute.

How to Apply

Note: You will need to prepare a self-descriptive letter and a resume/CV to include in your application.

  • Begin the application proccess on the HERS website
  • Create a new account and password
  • Select the HERS Institute you would like to attend
  • Continue through the application process by completing each page and clicking the button at the bottom that says, “Save and Continue to next section.”
  • Upload a self-descriptive letter and resume / CV as individual files
  • On the final page of the application, do not enter any payment information. Instead select "Save and Return to the application home page."
  • Finally, print your application. You may access it anytime by logging in with your account information and choosing "My HERS". (If you are selected as the MSU representative, you will return to finalize the submission.)
  • When prompted to input the email for the University President, leave blank until further notified.
  • Submit your printed application, self-descriptive letter, resume, and a letter of support from your direct supervisor to alena.joseph@mnsu.edu by January 14th 2021.