Campus Drive Award

In 1979, the campus drive began at Minnesota State Mankato as an annual event for faculty, staff, emeriti and retirees. The four chairs that year were Dean Bowyer (Physical Education), Claire Faust (Academic Affairs), Shirley Skorr-Piepho (Social Work), and the late Jim Zwickey (Centennial Student Union). In July of each year the President and Vice President for University Advancement select from a pool of candidates the chair of the upcoming campus drive. The pool of candidates consists of recommended faculty and staff who have a passion for philanthropy and give back to Minnesota State Mankato. The campus drive kicks off annually in February and ends on June 30. There are over 1,000 funds that faculty, staff, emeriti and retirees can choose from to give a gift to our University. For a listing of all the convenient ways to give, visit the Campus Drive webpage at

The campus drive award is presented to the chair(s) at the Annual Employee Appreciation Breakfast in May from the university president for their efforts to raise critical dollars for Minnesota State Mankato during the drive. Lucette Hurley, director of annual giving, and Chelsea Skluzacek, acting assistant director of annual giving, organize the drive with the great assistance of two coordinators, Cindy Arndt and Connie Wodtke. Chelsea Skluzacek, acting assistant director of annual giving, and her wonderful team of Annual Fund student callers phone the faculty, staff, emeriti and retirees.

Drive Chairpersons

2017 - BRIAN FRINK, Art Department
2016 – JOAN ROCA, Library Services
2015 - BRIAN JONES, Undergraduate Admissions
2015 - SCOTT FEE, College of University Extended Education
2015 - LAURA BEMEL, College of Education
2015 - DAVE ENGEN, College of Arts and Humanities
2015 - KATY CLAY, College of Arts and Humanities
2015 - MATTHEW CLAY, Information and Technology Services
2015 - ALLAN WODTKE, College of Science, Engineering and Technology
2015 - CONNIE WODTKE, University Development
2014 - ANN ROSENQUIST FEE, University Advancement Division
2013 - DARREN AND JEN BLUE, Intercollegiate Athletics
2013 - CINDY HANSON, Strategic Business, Education and Regional Partnerships
2013 - CHRIS MICKLE, College of Graduate Studies and Research
2012 - BRAD AND CHRISTINE CORDS, Facilities Management and Chemistry & Geology
2012 - TODD AND KARA PFINGSTEN, Campus Recreation and Human Performance
2011 - KEN AND LINDA ANGLIN, Marketing
2011 - WALT AND SHERRYL WOLFF, Student Affairs
2010 - PAM GOHL, Intercollegiate Athletics
2009 - DAVID COWAN, Facilities Services
2008 - JEFFREY R. PRIBYL, Chemistry and Geology
2007 - STEWART L. ROSS, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
2006 - HELEN WALTERS, Facilities Services
2005 - CHERYL BOWYER, Minnesota State Student Association
2004 - GWEN GRIFFIN, English
2003 - GREG BEDNAR, University Development
2002 - GREGG MARG, Biological Sciences
2001 - DONNA HENSEL, Facilities Management
1998 - DAVE HENDEL, Career Development and Counseling Center
1997 - MARILYN L. FOX, Management
1996 - TERI G. HOMER, Physical Plant
1995 - MIKE HODAPP, Centennial Student Union
1994 - ANN QUADE, Computer and Information Sciences
1993 - ANTUSA BRYANT, Special Education
1992 - PAUL J. HUSTOLES, Theatre Arts
1991 - BRUCE W. SMITH, Accounting
1990 - SANDRA READY, Library
1989 - LOIS J. MUSSETT, Physical Education
1988 - DWAIN F. PETERSEN, Educational Foundations
1987 - DIANE BERGE, Admissions
1986 - FRED BOCK, Theatre Arts
1985 - EVELYN HATFIELD, Educational Foundations
1984 - DAVID JANOVY, Sociology/Corrections
1983 - TRUMAN WOOD, Political Science/Law Enforcement
1982 - LARRY SCHNOOR, Speech Communication
1981 - JACK PARKINS, Admissions
1980 - ROB SHIPMAN, Mass Communications
1979 - DEAN BOWYER, Physical Education
1979 - CLAIRE FAUST, Academic Affairs
1979 - SHIRLEY SKORR-PIEPHO, Social Work
1979 - JIM ZWICKEY, Centennial Student Union