Deans and Other Administrators

Listed below are the deans and other adminstrators.

Council of Deans

Jennifer Veltsos

Interim Associate Vice President of Undergraduate Education

Kristine Retherford

Dean of College of Allied Health and Nursing

Chris Brown

Acting Dean of College of Arts and Humanities

Brenda Flannery

Dean of College of Business

Jean Haar

Dean of College of Education

Brian Martensen

Interim Associate Provost and Senior Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs

Aaron Budge

Acting Dean of College of Science, Engineering and Technology

Hongxia "Laura" Yin

Acting Associate Dean of College of Science, Engineering and Technology

Matthew Loayza

Dean of College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Anne Dahlman

Interim Dean of Global Education

Chris Corley

Interim Dean of Library & Learning

Teri Wallace

Interim Associate Vice President for Research & Dean of Extended Campus

Our Six Academic Colleges

Additional Members of the President's Expanded Cabinet

Steve Smith

Assistant Vice President of Budget and Business Service

Paul Corcoran

Assistant Vice President of Facilities Management

Kevin Buisman

Director of Athletics

Linda Alvarez

Director of Equal Opportunity & Title IX

Steve Barrett

Director of Human Resources

Kelly Meier

Assistant Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion

William Broussard

Associate Vice President for University Advancement